Road Safety Awareness day, Friday 4th August McCaughey’s Service Station

RSA are having a road safety awareness day on Friday 4th August at McCaughey’s Service Station on the N2 at Broomfield from midday to 7pm.

Experience simulated virtual situations and experience first-hand the dangers of driving and texting and driver fatigue.

· See how driving environments and speed affect your braking distances on the brake reaction timer.

· Learn about tyre safety

· Practice you driving skills on car, motorbike & bicycle simulators.

· Take a road safety quiz in the activity zone.

· Practice the driver theory test on board.

· Test your fancy footwork by dancing to the Safe Cross Code in the activity zone.

· Practice your safe cycling skills on the state of the art bicycle simulator.

The Rollover Simulator which is a car body fitted to a rotating hydraulic platform will allow you to experience a half or a full rotation, to show how it would feel if you were in a car which turned over in a collision and the lifesaving benefits of wearing a seatbelt.

Feile Peile na Og

The day has arrived – the Féile Peile na Óg is taking place this weekend (Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th) in Monaghan, Cavan and Fermanagh. 160 boy teams and 96 ladies U14 teams will be attending. This means over 6000 players will be taking part with 1000 mentors patrolling the sidelines. Continue reading