Refereeing course

A Foundation Course for New Referees will take place in Cloghan over 3 nightly sessions, commencing on Friday 28th March at 8.00pm, with subsequent sessions on the following Friday night’s 6th March & 13th March. The duration of each session will be a minimum of two hours,and could extend to more depending on the interaction with the tutors by participants. Nationally, participants who successfully attended and completed the internal county sessions are invited to a final session in Croke Park on Saturday 4th April, where they will be presented with their personal refereeing gear.

As outlined at the February County Committee meeting, following recently held In Services courses for existing referees we have seen a decline in numbers from 69 accredited referees in 2019 to 51 this year. Everyone can do the maths, but the upshot is; currently we have EIGHT clubs without a referee, as against one club in 2019.

It is not intended to hold further In Services courses in Monaghan.

I would appeal, and encourage all clubs to try and identify or recruit one competent, capable individual to undertake refereeing duties, and attend the forth coming Referee’s Foundation course on your behalf. Contact any of our committee members if you are interested or want more information and we will forward on your details.

Refereeing course
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