GAA Master Fixture Plan 2020 – recently released by Croke Park

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Below is a summary of the changes to the Master Fixture Plan from last year;
• 2019/2020 All-Ireland Club Series to be played before the end of January.
• U20 Football Championship played in Feb/March.
• New structure for AHL Roinn 1.
• New Tier 2 Football Championship Introduced
• New Rota for Leinster & Munster Football Finals. Leinster Football Final will be played on a Saturday in 2020.
• Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard & Lory Meagher Final later this year.
• Change to the pairings for Phase 2 & 3 of the Senior Football Quarter-Finals, based on who wins Phase 1.
o Phase 1 (Group 1&2)
 (Fixture A) Provincial Winner v Round 2 team
 (Fixture B) Provincial Winner v Round 2 team
o Phase 2 (Group 1&2)
 Phase 1 winner A v Phase 1 Winner B
 Phase 1 Loser A v Phase 1 Loser B
o Phase 3 (Group 1&2)
 Phase 1 winner A v Phase 1 Loser B
 Phase 1 winner B v Phase 1 Loser A
• 2020/2021 All-Ireland Club Semi-Finals to be played in Dec 2020 with the finals in January 2021
In accordance with Rule 3.5 & 3.6 Rule of Specification T.O Part 2 2019, An Lár Choiste Cheannais na gComórtaisí got permission for the following rounds of competitions to be ‘Winner on the Day’;
• All-Ireland Hurling: Replays of Quarterfinals and Semi-Finals
• All-Ireland Senior Football (Tier 1): Replays Semi-Finals
• All-Ireland Senior Football (Tier 2): Round 1, Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals as well as the replay of the Final
• Christy Ring & Nickey Rackard: Semi-Finals, Relegations Play-offs and Replay of Finals
• Lory Meagher: Replay of Final
• Inter-County Under 20 Football and Hurling Championships: Replay of Finals
• Minor (U17): Replay of All-Ireland Finals
• All-Ireland Club Championship: Replay of Semi-Finals & Finals

Also, please note the following changes to the 2020 Match Regulations;
• 2.6 Maor Fóirne must wear the Official Coloured Bib
• 2.6 Maor Fóirne must be either a Selector or Coach
• 2.8 Selectors/Coaches cannot act as a medic person, without advance approval from the Committee in Charge.
• 2.9 Maoir Uisce must wear the official bibs (Football: Purple or Green | Hurling: Brown or Lilac)
• 2.9 Maoir Uisce cannot be Official team personnel (Selectors/Coaches)
• 2.9 Maoir Uisce: In the event that an injured player or a member of the extended panel act as a Maoir Uisce, any breach of rule, shall be considered as a Misconduct at Games by Team Officials infraction.
• 2.9 Maoir Uisce are not permitted to have/use Communications devices i.e. walkie talkies

GAA Master Fixture Plan 2020 – recently released by Croke Park
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