Road Safety Awareness day, Friday 4th August McCaughey’s Service Station

RSA are having a road safety awareness day on Friday 4th August at McCaughey’s Service Station on the N2 at Broomfield from midday to 7pm.

Experience simulated virtual situations and experience first-hand the dangers of driving and texting and driver fatigue.

· See how driving environments and speed affect your braking distances on the brake reaction timer.

· Learn about tyre safety

· Practice you driving skills on car, motorbike & bicycle simulators.

· Take a road safety quiz in the activity zone.

· Practice the driver theory test on board.

· Test your fancy footwork by dancing to the Safe Cross Code in the activity zone.

· Practice your safe cycling skills on the state of the art bicycle simulator.

The Rollover Simulator which is a car body fitted to a rotating hydraulic platform will allow you to experience a half or a full rotation, to show how it would feel if you were in a car which turned over in a collision and the lifesaving benefits of wearing a seatbelt.